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At IsoAge Technologies, we pride ourselves in being the global source of food ingredients that sustain our customers’ ability to produce food that is safe, healthy and delicious… meal after meal.

More and more, consumers are returning to simpler ways of growing and preparing food. Rooftop gardens are popping up everywhere as a way to provide nutritious foods without the fear of chemical additives. We, at IsoAge Technologies, fully support these efforts, and are proud to be able to offer our all-natural food safety systems to commercial food processors. MOstatin™ and INNOstatin™ branded ingredients are manufactured from all-natural ingredients that you would find in your own home pantry. By harnessing the natural characteristics of vinegar, fruit juices, and natural herbs and spices, we are able to ensure the safety and stability of your foods… the way Mother Nature intended.

In addition to our functional ingredient portfolio, we are also pleased to be a source of other natural ingredients to help enhance the flavor and consumer appeal of foods. Please take a few moments to browse through a small portion of our offering of natural sweeteners, and a wide variety of fruit products.


  • MOstatin®All-Natural Antimicrobials
  • INNOstatin™ all-natural flavorings
  • Dried Vinegar
  • Vinegar based flavor systems
  • MoisturLok® natural moisture retention system
  • Fruit & Vegetable Juices / Purees / Powders / Concentrates / IQF
  • Natural / Organic Sweeteners: Honey / Pure Maple Syrup / Organic Palm Sugar
  • Green Tea Extracts
  • Decorticated sprout flours
  • Hydrocolloid Gums


  • Cost-Plus Blending
  • Bundling
  • Proprietary Blends
  • Product Development and Start-up
  • Nutritional Labeling

let’s talk: 855.847.6243